Compiled Hello.c Lab 4

I added the -static option to the gcc command.  The size of the file with the first three options (-g -O1 -fno-builtin) with the -static option was nearly 1000X larger than the file that was obtained without the -static option.   The size of the first output without the static option is approximately 8248 bytes, meaning that the size of the file compiled with the -static option included is 8248000 bytes.

I removed the -fno-builtin option from the compilation of the Hello.c file.  The file with the -fno-builtin option removed was 3 bytes larger than  the file when it had the -fno-builtin command when compiled.

I removed the -g option from my initial compilation command.  There was nothing when I displayed the contents.

I added two arguments to the printf function in the Hello.c file and I got a couple of moves.  It does not matter how many arguments are put in- the first one goes in EDI, the other ones are rearranged.

I put the printf statement in the output() function.  This resulted in several moves and function calls being placed in a different order.

I removed the -O0 option and added the -O3 option to the command and it resulted in the file being processed faster than usual.


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