Aarch64 Port Project

The website for the Aarch64 project is at this site: http://openjdk.java.net/projects/aarch64-port The goal of this project is to integrate JDK9 so that can support HTML 5.  Currently, it can only support only HTML 4.  HTML 5 is the latest version of the HTML standard code for designing websites.  The java doc compiler can only accept […]


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Assembler Lab

Working in Assembler is harder compared to most programming languages like Java.  In high level programming languages (like Java), commands are easy to execute.  In Assembler, commands are low level, and thus, harder to execute.  Assembler operates on the hardware, and high level programming languages operate on the software. Debugging in both high level languages […]

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Compiled Hello.c Lab 4

I added the -static option to the gcc command.  The size of the file with the first three options (-g -O1 -fno-builtin) with the -static option was nearly 1000X larger than the file that was obtained without the -static option.   The size of the first output without the static option is approximately 8248 bytes, […]

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The system that was used in the testing was PHP. PHP has a lot of files when downloading.  It took 5 min to download the files, and building it took 25 minutes.  Running the software took around 40 minutes. This is my first time doing software and this lab was fun, but difficult.

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